Weighing in on the state capital

Communal living ***** Stroll along the Taman Botanic Negara, and the endless smiles and greetings will tell you exactly why Shah Alam is a heaven for those who enjoy communal living.

Eatery & lifestyle *** ** Taste and cultural affinity may be personal, but the bustling scene of boutiques along Section 7 Commercial Centre will surely catch your eyes.

Security *** ** With the adoption of CPTED and gated-and-guarded neighbourhoods, Shah Alam protects those seeking a peaceful life, but the standards of safety differ according to different areas.

Retail, leisure & entertainment * **** For a big district, the lack of megamalls and limited options in retail outlets seem obvious, though there are quality neighbourhood malls that compensate to that effect.

Natural recreation ***** With over 10% land use reserved for green space, there are many choices of outdoor activities to choose from.

Indulge in activities such as hiking, jogging, cycling, picnic, golf and camping with your friends and family.

Price & value **** * With a price tag that is 20% to 30% lower than the neighbouring region, landed properties in Shah Alam are worth exploring.

Accessibility & connectivity **** * There are eight highways in the region, though the toll charges could be a hindrance for some.

Public transport ***** Besides the upcoming LRT3, the area currently only offers KTM train services, which has a low frequency and slow transport speed.

While the Bus Selangorku is an excellent service, it does not cover every section.

Healthcare facilities *** ** Big names in the healthcare industry can be found in the region, but there’s room for improvement.

Amenities & facilities ***** Comprehensive government services and centres at the area, as well as a geographical advantage of being close to international airport and port..

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