The average rental is between RM1,300 and RM1,500

RM300,000 - 750,000

The high-rise price range. Hotspots include Section 7 near UiTM and Section 13 near MSU.



The population has grown from 41,614 in 1985 to 395,637 by 2000. In 2015, the city population further increased to 614,136.

20 people/ha

The lower population density ensures comfortable and quality living in Shah Alam.

RM400,000 - 1.45mil

Price range of double-storey terraced homes.


Land used for property development: 16.85%(5108.47ha) for residential, 10.35% (3135.9ha) for industrial, and 3.05% (923.51ha) for commercial.

Bumi-reserved landed properties Prime 

>above RM700,000

Section 13 (Shah Alam city centre)


RM500,000 - RM700,000

Section 18 to 20


<below RM500,000