Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note >> STORY  EDITOR’S NOTE T he measure of a property’s worth is often cold and analytical, done through the lens of professionals who worship empirical formulas.

However, the soul of a land is not so easily quantified through numbers.

StarProperty.my’s Best@ series will address this issue by bringing a more human touch and understanding to a particular area in Malaysia.

For the lifeblood of a land is best represented by those Born&Bred from its bountiful soil.

The first issue of Best@ series will Explore Bukit Jalil, a place that represented Malaysia during the 16th Commonwealth Games in 1998.

From the foreboding heights of a high-rise pinnacle, the grounded yet sturdy landed developments and the intricate railways and roads, all are bound together as one.

The Story of Bukit Jalil bursting onto the international scene, with the successful completion of a mega infrastructure capable of hosting international games, is an attestation that the slogan Malaysia Boleh is not merely a statement of fantasy.

Bukit Jalil has risen from its past stigma as a pest-infested landfill site to become part of the pantheon of Malaysian progress.

Prime developers from all over the country are also carving their stake in this land.

The high-profile developments are expected to boost the property market Transaction in Bukit Jalil.


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