Knowing the land

Editor’s Note : Knowing the land >> STORY  EDITOR'S NOTE Yan Li W e would like to think that every land and neighbour...

Editor’s Note : Knowing the land >> STORY  EDITOR’S NOTE Yan Li W e would like to think that every land and neighbourhood has its own distinct identity.

From the topography to the scenery, from the small houses to the grand building, from the humble but comfortable dwellings to the exciting and modern parlours, there is something that makes up the inherent characteristics of a locality, a distinction where the locals would identify within the place they call home.

Yet, most places are not as distinct as we would like them to be.

A neighbourhood often grows organically.

The growth and development could be triggered by one watershed moment, or it could be built upon a long-term, painstaking undertaking.

It was in this process that the soul of a neighbourhood slowly takes shape, or disintegrates.

How often do we read or hear about some stories or interesting places in our neighbourhood and realise that it is uncharted territory for us? The Best@ series, in an attempt to explore both the hidden gems and famous attractions of an area, is an effort to reintroduce a neighbourhood to its residents, and also to familiarise the outsiders with its quirks and patterns.  How to capture the soul of a place?   It is a journey that we go through with our readers to learn or rediscover the magic of a place.


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