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 >> STORY  EDITOR'S NOTE Ng Pau Ling R eal estate consists of the land and the buildings on it, the surroundings such as ...

>> STORY  EDITOR’S NOTE Ng Pau Ling R eal estate consists of the land and the buildings on it, the surroundings such as the landscape elements, natural resources, facilities, amenities, as well as the locals and their lifestyle.

During the planning stage of the Best@ series, we looked at the different points of view, occupier buyer, investor, old-time resident and future developer.

What should they know about an area before deciding to buy, rent or develop a land? There’s no present nor future without the past.

Thus, we delved deep into the history of a place – the pioneer developer who blaze the trail for future developments, the catalysts that propel the locale into a centre of growth, the infrastructure projects that bring in further growth potential to the region. Undeniably, real estate is always associated with numbers and transactions.

The insightful sharings from industry expert such as valuers and real estate agent served as a guide to shed light on the local property market, including the strength and weakness of an area and the outlook.

  However, a real estate property only serves its purpose when it turns into a “home” where people stay and live.

The everyday conveniences, the weekend recreational and leisure pastimes, the cultural activities and the accessibility are the critical factors to explore when choosing a place to live.

It is then you realise that every place has its character.

A particular lifestyle that connects the people who were born and bred in the same area.

By dividing these factors into four main sections: Born&Bred , Explore , Story and Transaction , we hope that the BEST@ series will provide a full picture of a particular area.

After  Best@Bukit Jalil , let’s imagine what kind of lifestyle I’ll be having if I stay in Bukit Jalil.

Most probably, I will be spending RM1,700 to RM2,300 to rent a condo in The Z Residence.

It is a transit-oriented development located 650m away from the Muhibbah LRT station.

I could commute by LRT and MRT.

It costs RM4.60 one way with the use of the monthly pass.

In the morning, before heading to the office, I could jog in the 80-acre Bukit Jalil Recreational Park and challenge myself with the uphill slopes.

Perhaps, I should join the swimming course offered at The National Aquatic Centre@KL Sports City, as this is one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018.

After some exercise, I could make the most of my weekends meeting up with friends in any of the trendy cafes located in Taman Esplanad.

Life in Bukit Jalil sounds good to me! >> BACK TO MAIN PAGE.

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