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 >>  BORN&BRED  EAT/DRINK By Viktor Chong viktorchong@thestar.com.my Peekaboo Cafe S oft endearing plushies dominated the place, sitting on ...

>>  BORN&BRED  EAT/DRINK By Viktor Chong viktorchong@thestar.com.my Peekaboo Cafe S oft endearing plushies dominated the place, sitting on the counter, benches and chairs.

Others peered out from their hidden positions, giving visitors a sense of being peekabooed.

This is one hideout that fans of the Japanese animation My Neighbour Totoro could go to.

Cartoon enthusiast will also be delighted by the adorable cartoon paintings on the wall.

According to Peekaboo Cafe owner Thong Zhin Yiu, the idea of this cartoon themed cafe was to appeal to customers who are born during the eighties and the nineties.

“This cafe is like a memory lane for their childhood, allowing them to reminisce about the cartoons that have brought a smile into their lives,” said Thong.

He added that the cafe is also a relaxing place for people to relax and unwind while they enjoyed a cup of coffee.

Thong said that the Peekaboo Cafe also takes the food that they are serving the customers into serious consideration, despite the cartoonish themed it is centred around.

According to him, some cafes try to increase serving speed by pre-cooking the meal in anticipation of the customer’s request.

Sharing some of his tips, a meal should only be cooked after being requested by the customer.

“This is why our service can be a bit slower, but the quality will be better,” said Thong.

He also invites customers to try out the cafe’s signature dish, called the Three Cups Chicken Pasta.

Thong said the dish was a mixture of Western and Taiwan cooking style.

“We use Chinese herbs here instead of the basil leaves commonly used in paste making,” said Thong.

Staying in the Puchong area, Thong says that Bukit Jalil has the potential for growth.

“Travelling back and forth through commuting is convenient for the residents here,” he said, adding that it will get more crowded with the amount of new business blooming in the area.

Rate Eat! Three cups chicken pasta A creative mix of Chinese spices and Italian pasta creates a wonderful variation that is both delightful and appetising for the Malaysian taste buds.

The three cups chicken pasta recipe takes its inspiration from Taiwan, and it brings about a new dimension that pasta lovers would explore joyfully.

The chicken meat is tender, and this is further complemented by the thinly sliced mushroom pieces.

Grilled chicken chop The chicken meat is fairly tender and well cooked.

However, the mashed potato could have paired with a better side dish than the french fries as they are nearly the same.

A fairy portion of succulent vegetables are always welcome in any chicken chop, and Peekaboo does not disappoint.

Matcha caffe latte waffle A blend of cream, honeydew and watermelon brings out an array of pleasing taste with the waffle.

Further compliments are given to the chef for adding mint leaves, giving it a refreshing taste.

Chocolate banana waffle Not unlike its matcha latte counterpart, the waffle has the right texture balance between soft and crispy.

The banana slices circling the chocolate ice cream also provides a fruity flavour that many will find appealing.

Yoghurt fondue Amidst the various meals of sweet waffles and fried products, a choice of a healthy dish is most welcome.

Surrounded by fresh vegetables and succulent fruits, a sourish yoghurt sits in the middle.

Thinly sliced lemons are placed into the yoghurt to give it a lightly sourish yet aromatic flavour.

The concoction also makes for a tasty yet healthy dip.

Cold Brew Iced coffee usually loses their potency and flavour when ice cubes are added to it as the ice dissolves over time.

Peekaboo Cafe avoids this mistake by chilling the coffee in an endearingly designed bottle before serving it.

The Cold Brew is a decent companion for a lovely relaxing time while you soak up the ambience of the cafe.

Rose latte Slightly bitter to the taste, the distinct rose fragrance blends seamlessly together with the coffee.

A fine presentation indeed.

It is a nice cup of coffee to have in the middle of the day.

Phone No: 012-218 7587 Address: 1-3-M (upstair), Jalan Jalil Perkasa 13 (8.02 km), 57000 Kuala Lumpur Website: www.facebook.com/cafe.peekaboo Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm How many LRT stations are there in Bukit Jalil? Join our contest at  bit.ly/ExploreBukitJalil  to win a calendar potted plant! >> BACK TO MAIN PAGE.

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