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 >>  BORN&BRED PLAY By Tharmini Kenas   tharmini@thestar.com.my Sporting life nestled in a sprawling park of greens P reviously known a...

>>  BORN&BRED PLAY By Tharmini Kenas   tharmini@thestar.com.my Sporting life nestled in a sprawling park of greens P reviously known as Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex, the KL Sports City (KLSC) plays a huge role among the Bukit Jalil community as well as for the country.

The KLSC is an icon for international sports and entertainment events in Asia.

With world-class facilities and infrastructure, it is no surprise that KLSC won the Exterior Lighting Design Award at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2018-2019 held in Bangkok.

The Bukit Jalil National Stadium, located within the KL Sports City, was named 2018 Stadium of The Year at the World Stadium Congress Awards in Amsterdam.

Opened in 1998 for the 16th Commonwealth Games hosted by Malaysia, KLSC was renovated in 2017 to host the 29th Sea Games and 9th Asean Para Games.

This renovation has enhanced the KLSC with high-performance sports training facilities, a sports rehabilitation science centre, youth park, public sports facilities, sports museum, youth hostel, convention centre and a sports-focused retail mall.

Bukit Jalil Stadium The tale of KL Sports City is also the origin story of the modern Bukit Jalil, whose impressive transformation over the last few decades could be traced back to one catalytic moment.

Chosen as the site to host the 1998 Commonwealth Games, the large-scale venture would prove to be the point of no return, propelling the region forward to become a place of vigorous growth and modern living.

The KLSC comprises five main arenas namely the National Stadium, Axiata Arena, National Aquatic Centre, National Squash Centre and National Hockey Stadium.

Apart from hosting world-class sports events, KLSC also hosts many entertainment and community-based events all year long.

Thousands of people gather in the venue for events such as ‘Free Community Workout’, ‘FA Cup Final’, tournaments and music concerts.

The community also greatly benefit from these facilities.

The National Aquatic Centre is open to the public with a minimal fee.

The Futsal Court is free of charge.

The Outdoor Gym at Plaza is open from 6am to 12am.

These facilities are what make the KL Sports City a place for people from all backgrounds to gather and lead an active lifestyle.

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