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 >>  BORN&BRED BOND By Tharmini Kenas Play, relax and bond with family and friends amidst lush greenery Bukit...

>>  BORN&BRED BOND By Tharmini Kenas Play, relax and bond with family and friends amidst lush greenery Bukit Jalil Recreational Park T he Bukit Jalil Park has an excellent reputation among the runners.

Sprawling over 80 acres of green, the park offers flat and sloped running tracks with shades provided by the tall and mature trees.

When one walks around the park, it is easy to envision the joys of running in these tracks.

From long-endurance runs to short-interval runs, the park is indeed a runner’s paradise.

Not only the runners, other users who visit the park to exercise, walk and picnic are also fond of this park.

The green patches of grass, hill slopes and sheltered benches provide a beautiful setting for family time.

With ponds, exercise stations, children’s playground, reflexology path, a dedicated area for disabled people and an international garden, Bukit Jalil Recreational Park has something for everyone.

During the late afternoon, the young and old can be seen jogging, walking or participating in group exercises like tai chi and yoga at the 80-acre Bukit Jalil Recreational Park.

A healthy time of cardio exercise also contributes to family bonding while, together, they watch the sun set on the horizon.

The international garden showcases the architecture of 10 countries, namely England, Holland, Japan, China, Malaysia, Iran, Peru, Canada, Thailand and Indonesia.

The famous landmarks of these countries have attracted many photographers and couples looking for ideal wedding photography spots in Bukit Jalil.

However, this seemingly picture-perfect park of green is not without its flaws.

Alas, concrete and sand used for construction are dumped on the walkway, and with the construction going on around the perimeter of the park, the air is dense with dust at areas unsheltered by the trees.

When one looks at the orange algae covering the ponds, it is easy to take an instant dislike for the park.

It is a pity that it is affected by such flaws, as the park is a favourite among the frequent visitors with its otherwise exceptional features.

With regular maintenance and careful planning, the park would act as the perfect place for Bukit Jalil residents to play and relax, if only the authorities or caretaker could take action to address the issue.

The park is maintained by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall and is open from 7am to 8pm.

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