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 >>  BORN&BRED  EAT/DRINK By Viktor Chong viktorchong@thestar.com.my AME SOEUR BOUTIQUE CAFE T he palace life is no longer a luxury that can...

>>  BORN&BRED  EAT/DRINK By Viktor Chong viktorchong@thestar.com.my AME SOEUR BOUTIQUE CAFE T he palace life is no longer a luxury that can only be afforded by the royals.

Ame Soeur Boutique Cafe brings the French palace into a quiet corner in Bukit Jalil, and it is open for all commoners to experience its white and gold, million dollar decor.

With custom-made gold cutleries, elegant furniture and RM1,000 plus Belgium coffee makers, Ame Soeur radiates with an aura of opulence and fine dining.

Most customers would assume that the luxurious environment would come with a high price tag, but this could not be further away from the truth.

According to Ame Soeur Boutique executive chef Fairuse Abdullah, this cafe is special as it provides a high-class environment at moderate prices.

“We believe in having quality and quantity at the same time,” said Fairuse, adding that this is the first cafe in Malaysia with such a concept.

With over 26 years of experience in the field of culinary arts, Fairuse stated that the menu is changed every six months to ensure a diverse gastronomic experience for their customers.

Fairuse also utilised a mix of Italian, French and American style in her cooking with a Malaysian twist.

“Sometimes, we need to teach our customers how to eat, as they are unsure about their culinary experience,” she said, adding that the customer enjoyed it when she creatively mixed and matched the ingredients to make a new dish.

Unlike most Bolognese that uses meat chunks, Fairuse shreds the roast chicken meat into thin slices before cooking it with the bolognese sauce to create a new experience.

Others include the use of salted black bean with her Rosemary Chicken.

Fairuse shared that most restaurants make the mistake of using powder in their cooking.

“Here, we take 10 hours to make our beef gravy,” said Fairuse, adding that she made sure all the food are painstakingly prepared, not frozen or pre-cooked.

Muslim customers can also enjoy the beauty of the French palace cuisine as the food served are halal.

Living nearby the area, Fairuse voiced her preference for the area as there is less traffic jam compared to other places in Kuala Lumpur.

According to her, Bukit Jalil has the potential to become the next Bangsar.

Rate eat! Rosemary chicken leg The chicken meat is well cooked, and it tallies well with the potatoes.

Even better is the thick and flavourful gravy that brings out the taste of the chicken.

Beef Wellington Bathed in a rich beefy sauce, the meat is soft and tender.

According to the chef, the gravy itself took approximately 10 hours to make.

The painstaking process is reflected in its aromatic and appetising taste.

The Beef Wellington could be further complemented if the meat was medium-rare instead of being fully cooked.

Marinara Bay Unlike most seafood spaghetti with tomato sauce, the Marinara takes a bold direction with a hot and spicy Malaysian taste.

The oysters, together with the prawns and squid chunks were fresh and flavourful, matching well with the sauce.

Lamb shoulder risotto An excellent combination of sliced mushrooms and garlic form part of the risotto.

Texture wise, it has the right softness; being done at the right temperature and time.

The lamb shoulder is a tad tough to the bite, but the meat yields quickly when sliced to a tinier chunk.

Rose latte The milky Rose latte delivers a smooth and creamy experience down your throat.

Take a sip and enjoy the flowery fragrance, not unlike the delightful Air Bandung that the Malaysian community has been pleasantly familiar with.

Raspberry tea This tea pulls off an enigmatic taste that very few could achieve.

It is slightly sweet, sour and fragrant.

Truly, an exquisite combination that is both mysterious yet refreshing at the same time.

Phone No: 03-8999 0738 Address: 20, Jalil Link Block 2, Jalan Jalil Jaya 2, Bukit Jalil (8.25 km), 57000 Kuala Lumpur Website: www.facebook.com/cafeamesoeur Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm How many LRT stations are there in Bukit Jalil? Join our contest at  bit.ly/ExploreBukitJalil  to win a calendar potted plant! >> BACK TO MAIN PAGE.

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